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Address: London, ENGLAND

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Sophia is a strong triple threat perfomer specialising in Soul, Jazz, Dancehall, Contempory and modern African and Caribbean work.

Vocal Ability

Genres:  Musical Theatre, Blues, Reggae, Soul, Gospel, Jazz, RnB, Motown, Folk, Choral, Pop.

Dance Ability


Highly skilled in Contemporary and Traditional African, Caribbean Folk, Dancehall.      

Experienced in Ballet, Horton, Contemporary, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Cheerleading, Podium.

Theatre/ Film/ Musical Credits




Sophia is a 2018 nominee for Best Female for the Off West End Awards for "The Bubbly Black Girl That Sheds her Chameleon Skin". 

 "Mackay’s voice has depth, her lower tones resounding through the theatre with a sultry clarity. "

A Younger Theatre

"Sophia Mackay offered impressive vocals and true leading lady qualities the switch provided a disjoin in the character's personal trajectory and undermined our investment in her overall growth. Both performers carry the charm, humour and conflict well and whilst Ms Mackay carries the real meat of the piece she is constantly watched by her younger self to remind both her and us of her journey."

London Theatre

"Josette Bushell-Mingo’s enjoyable production benefits from a hard-working cast of ten and standout performances... in particular, Sophia Mackay as....older Vivecas. Why aren’t these actresses better known? I bet Bubbly could hazard a guess."

Evening Standard

"...when Sophia Mackay takes over the part, with Viveca moving to New York to make her name as a dancer, that things take off. We are now in the late 1970s and 1980s. Mackay has great comic timing and the scenes where she juggles files in the typing pool and auditions for musicals are the best by far, especially one where she tries out for Director Bob (clearly Fosse). 

The Times

Muscovado is the 2015 recipient of the Alfred Fagon Audaince Award.


''Obviously the show’s success hinges on the music and in Lottie-Daisy Francis, Melissa Park and especially the sublime vocals of Sophia Mackay, there’s a trio of voices to treasure as they don various girl group guises, crank up the volume and put real personality into each and every song. When, as pop creation Darlene Love, Mackay sings ‘Today I Met the Boy I’m Gonna Marry’, you are transported back in time in the most wonderfully evocative fashion.''- Musical Theatre Review


''Willa, the girl slave who grows old and experienced far far too quickly is played gorgeously by Sophia Mackay who has an uncanny knack of showing the violence done to her in moments of truly flinching theatre'' 

London Theatre 1


''Willa (Sophia Mackay), a precocious 12-year-old. Three superb performances in these roles, rich with human dignity''- The Beasts Pen


''Willa (Sophia Mackay) is the most cleverly nuanced character'' - Stage Whisper


''Stand out performaces for me were Mackay's totally beleivable 12 year old Willa''- The British Black list


''Sophia Mackay, as the young Willa, is fascinating to watch. Her childish nature as she gambols across the stage as a buccaneer makes her so instantly likeable that her fate is all the more awful to watch. She is also able to age instantly on stage, her innocence is taken and she appears years older in a matter of seconds without it feeling forced''.- The Reviews Hub





WAC Arts

2011 - 2014

Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre


College of North West London

2010  - 2011

BTEC Diploma in Performing Arts at D* D*


St. Ursula's School

2004 - 2007

Student of the Academic Year 2006-2007

Certificate in Business Studies



Simon and How Associates



Barbadian*, American-New York, American Standard, American Southern States, English Standard, RP, Cockney, West African, Jamaican Patois, Trinidadian.

Skills & Other


Barbados Youth Ambassador,

Vocal Arranger,

Stilt Walking, Aerials (basic),

Alexander Technique, Sewing/Tailoring, Workshop  leader in associated art forms,

Valid   Passport, CRB Checked.



2010 - present

2010 - present


     Singer | Actress | Dancer | Writer | Choreographer

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